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#6 - Executive Talks by RanLOS:

Developments in the automotive industry

In the latest episode of Executive Talks by RanLOS, we dive into the development of the global automotive industry, as well as how the transformative ACES trends could shape the industry. We aim to show how the ongoing developments in the automotive landscape foster new needs and therefore highlight why OTA and automotive testing solutions should be a vital part of the product development process for car manufacturers going forward.

China’s automotive impact and growth numbers for our markets 
Since 2008, China has been a global automotive powerhouse, surpassing the production figures of the USA, Europe, and Japan combined. Looking at the sales numbers in 2023, both China and India, are back at the same levels as they were pre-COVID.

Zooming into other locations globally, Japan had a remarkable growth in the first half of 2023. Europe, Korea, and other regions are also revving up, showcasing impressive developments with growth numbers during this period, according to VDA and others. See numbers below:

  • Japan: ≈ 20%
  • Europe: ≈ 18%
  • USA: ≈ 13%
  • Korea: ≈ 8%

Macro-economic landscape and inflation trends
A brief macroeconomic overview reveals a positive outlook with stable GDP growth across all regions, according to Statista. This reassuring news also shows that the anticipated decline in inflation in 2024 is especially notable in the USA and Europe. This economic stability will be vital going forward.

The ACES trends
Now, let’s explore the ACES trends and framework including these four pillars – Autonomous, Connectivity, Electrification, and Sharing. These aren’t just buzzwords; they symbolize the transformative forces driving the automotive industry, which includes how we perceive and interact with connected vehicles. Learn more about what ACES means here:

  • Autonomous (A): This refers to the development and integration of self-driving or autonomous vehicles. These vehicles leverage advanced technologies such as sensors, cameras, lidar, and artificial intelligence to navigate and operate without human intervention.
  • Connectivity (C): Connectivity revolves around the seamless communication between vehicles, infrastructure, and other devices. It involves integrating advanced communication technologies like 5G and V2X (vehicle-to-everything). Connected vehicles can share real-time data, enabling features such as traffic management, predictive maintenance, and improved overall driving experience.
  • Electrification (E): Electrification focuses on transitioning from traditional internal combustion engines to electric power. Electric vehicles (EVs) use rechargeable batteries as their primary energy source, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and decreasing environmental impact. This trend aims to create a more sustainable and eco-friendlier automotive ecosystem.
  • Sharing (S): The Sharing aspect pertains to the rise of collaborative and shared mobility solutions. This includes ridesharing services, car-sharing programs, and other innovative models that optimize vehicle usage, reduce congestion, and provide cost-effective alternatives to traditional ownership. The Sharing trend aligns with the shift towards a more efficient and sustainable transportation system.

RanLOS automotive testing solution: Cost-effective and accurate testing
The RanLOS OTA test system provides a solution to navigate and test the needs of connected vehicles. This user-friendly and cost-effective test solution can change the landscape of how connectivity testing is done in the automotive industry, reducing time to market, and enabling repeatable OTA and antenna testing at automakers’ own facilities. It’s a solution that can be used in both existing EMC chambers as well as test tents, which makes the RanLOS test system applicable to all car manufacturers. Learn more here: ranlos.com/automotive

Conclusion: Navigating the road ahead
In conclusion, the automotive industry is not just evolving; it’s undergoing a transformative journey. The technological advancements and developments ahead hold opportunities, where car manufacturers who focus on optimizing vehicle connectivity, which customers demand, will likely become the winners in the long run. For RanLOS, as 2024 unfolds with discussions and demonstrations, we aim to continue to shape how testing is done in the global automotive industry. Bringing cost-effective and accurate testing to car manufacturers worldwide.

Stay tuned for more analyses in the automotive industry and the latest news from RanLOS. 🚗💡

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