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Easy and cost-efficient antenna and
communication testing for vehicles

We help test engineers and automakers optimize vehicle connectivity with our easy-to-use, portable, and cost-effective OTA test system.

We work closely with our distributors TOYO Corporation, Dymstec, and Frankonia to achieve our goal of testing connectivity easier, faster, and smarter.


1. Converts near field to far field in real-time (CATR)
2. Measures antenna radiation pattern and throughput
3. Portable system that suits both smaller and larger test facilities
4. Can measure vehicle in full operation (dynamometer)

RanLOS BeamForce 42 test system in test facility


The wireless systems are becoming more advanced and will require increasingly more tests to be verified. During my many years in research and development in the field of EMC, the demands on the equipment to be tested have increased. We are now facing a change where not only EMC needs to be tested, but also communication quality between vehicles and the environment. This places other demands on the test equipment in the lab, and RanLOS test system is a great solution for this.

Jan Carlsson

CTO at RanLOS /
Adjunct Professor at Chalmers University of Technology

CTO at RanLOS & Adjunct Professor at Chalmers University of Technology

Comparison: Large accredited test facility vs RanLOS

Comparison between measurements using the RanLOS test system and an accredited test facility using a NF-FF system. The equipment under test was an antenna mounted on the roof of a vehicle body.

The measurements show that the results from RanLOS system is a reliable solution compared to advanced, more expensive, test facilities. These measurements were done during SIVERT - a FFI-Vinnova research project.


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We aim to create a better connected society. To do so we need easy-to-use and flexible solutions for testing wireless performance over-the-air (OTA). It includes all relevant standards today and tomorrow; such as 3G, 4G, 5G, and WiFi. Work with us and start measuring easier, faster and smarter.