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RanLOS BeamLab

RanLOS BeamLab is our measurement software. It controls instruments, positioners and collects measurement data. The collected data can be visualized and analyzed in many different ways directly in the software. You get full control over the whole test process and can easily perform a measurement in a few easy steps.

RanLOS BeamLab is compatible with all standard Vector Network Analyzers and Communication Testers. The software also supports positioner controllers from major manufacturers. When your need changes, it is easy to add new functions and/or instrument drivers.

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We provide help to correctly and safely install the RanLOS system at your measurement site.
RanLOS mission is to provide cost efficient, accurate and repeatable test technologies and systems for characterizing wireless devices.


We provide the education needed to fully utilize the RanLOS test system.


We provide additional services and support for the RanLOS test system based on your needs.

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We aim to create a better connected society. To do so we need easy-to-use and flexible solutions for testing wireless performance over-the-air (OTA). It includes all relevant standards today and tomorrow; such as 3G, 4G, 5G, and WiFi. Work with us and start measuring easier, faster and smarter.