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#2 - Executive Talks by RanLOS: Exploring the Japanese Market

With extensive experience in Japan, RanLOS Sales Director Lars Granbom provides valuable insights into the significance of relationships, trust, and technical excellence. In this article, we’ll delve into the key takeaways from the second episode of Executive Talks by RanLOS. Follow along to explore the winning combination of technology and relationships in the Japanese market.

In this second episode of Executive Talks by RanLOS, Louice Rosdahl meets Lars Granbom, Sales Director at RanLOS. He shares his experience working in the Japanese market, which began over 15 years ago when he was initially introduced to Japanese companies by Per-Simon Kildal, founder of Gapwaves which is RanLOS’ sister company. Lars has since then collaborated closely with distributors, attended trade shows, and engaged in active sales. He points out that a big reason for having a distributor in Japan is to get by the language barrier as well as to understand the cultural differences between Japan and Europe.

While the quality and technical excellence of the product is vital, the customers’ familiarity with the people behind the product is almost equally important. According to Lars, Japanese companies value high technical quality and problem-solving capabilities. Also, the customers’ trust in the product is deeply rooted in their knowledge of the individuals and companies involved. The close dialogue maintained throughout RanLOS’ existence has allowed RanLOS to understand the customers’ needs and deliver accordingly.

During the discussion, Lars highlights the satisfaction of solving technical problems for customers and the sense of accomplishment of securing orders. RanLOS recently made its first successful sale in Japan, which gain momentum and further trust from the market. Lars concludes by emphasizing the significance of high-end technology together with close relationships as a winning concept. While technological innovation remains paramount, building strong relationships with clients is essential for success in the Japanese market.

3 key takeaways from this episode:

  1. Language and cultural differences make it important and effective to cooperate with local distributors in foreign markets.

  2. Maintaining a close dialogue with Japanese companies helps gain a deep understanding of their requirements.

  3. Combining technological excellence with strong relationships creates a winning formula in the Japanese market.

In Summary:
Expanding into new markets requires an understanding of the local language, culture, and customer expectations. In the Japanese market, RanLOS has achieved success by combining technological excellence with strong relationships with its distributor TOYO Corporation. Lars Granbom’s experience highlights the importance of trust, high technical quality, and the familiarity customers have with the individuals behind the product. By maintaining close dialogues and collaborating with TOYO, RanLOS has built a great pipeline in the Japanese market. As Lars suggests, a winning concept in Japan requires prioritizing technology while always maintaining strong relationships.

Technology first, and then the relationship – but both are essential. Combined they are a winning concept. 
– Lars Granbom

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