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#1 - Executive Talks by RanLOS: Latest wrap-up from RanLOS in 90 seconds

In the first episode of Executive Talks you get a 90-second wrap-up on some of RanLOS recent news and achievements, such as performing demonstrations in Japan and developing new 5G functionalities. Make sure to watch the full video with all the latest news below. 

This is the first episode in our series Executive Talks together with our CEO Louice Rosdahl. The series aims to present a combination of short 90-second news wrap-ups together with more in-depth interviews. You will get all the latest news about RanLOS, market trends, deep dives, and discussions.

Here are 5 things mentioned in the first episode:

  1. RanLOS was listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market on March 31st.
  2. The company has conducted demonstrations in Japan and developed new 5G functionalities.
  3. RanLOS CEO Louice Rosdahl participated in a panel discussion about the future of the automotive industry.
  4. The OTA market is growing rapidly with a projected 42% market growth between 2020 and 2025.
  5. RanLOS has both patents and expertise to meet the market demand for testing autonomous vehicles on levels 3 and 4, which may need to be done as frequently as quarterly.

In conclusion, the first episode of Executive Talks by RanLOS provides insights into the recent developments of RanLOS and an outlook for the future. The next episode will come shortly, so follow us and keep an eye out


The RanLOS team ahead of listing at Nasdaq First North Growth Market

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