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#7 - Executive Talks by RanLOS

Exploring Innovation: A deep dive into the RanLOS background and technology with Madeleine Schilliger Kildal

RanLOS CEO Louice Rosdahl meets Madeleine Schilliger Kildal as she unveils the story behind RanLOS’ evolution. From academia and real-world application to a game-changing solution for engineers and businesses who want to perform smarter and more cost-effective vehicle connectivity testing.

The background of RanLOS
The story of RanLOS traces back to Madeleine’s father, professor Per-Simon Kildal (1951-2016). He had an idea of an affordable and easy-to-use OTA measurement system using Random Line-of-Sight (RanLOS) technology at Chalmers University of Technology.

As a result, RanLOS AB was founded in 2016 and has been granted several patents of the Random Line-of-Sight technology. The RanLOS products have been realized by PhD Madeleine Schilliger Kildal and Professor Jan Carlsson, among others.

Meet the Engineer: Madeleine Schilliger Kildal
In 2014, ten years ago, Madeleine started her journey as a PhD student in the antenna group at Chalmers University of Technology. That’s when she started researching on what later would become the RanLOS test system. 

Louice: “What would you say, in essence, that your dissertation was about?”
Madeleine: “It was primarily about simulation and verification of our test systems. From how the system was simulated, to the end when we built prototypes and validated these simulation results with measurement results.”

Fast forward to 2020, Madeleine defended her thesis on the RanLOS test system, which marked a big milestone. Since then, her commitment to continue to develop the RanLOS solutions has made a big impact on the current offerings RanLOS provides to the market.

For Madeleine, one of the most rewarding aspects of her journey was witnessing theory turn into reality. Turning the concepts she simulated on a computer into RanLOS test systems. As she reflects on her experiences, she points out that the simulations aligning with real-world measurements are another big milestone during the development.

The benefits of RanLOS
Madeleine emphasizes the strengths of the RanLOS test system (BeamForce 42) and software (BeamLab), highlighting its user-friendly interface and reliable results without the need for big investments, which generally are the case with competitive solutions. RanLOS enables testing of antenna radiation patterns and vehicle connectivity in an innovative and smart way. By providing a stand-out solution when it comes to flexibility and cost-effectivity, RanLOS empowers engineers with versatile tools for navigating the complexities of testing connected vehicles today.

Conclusion: A vision for the future of testing
If we look ahead, Madeleine is filled with optimism, envisioning a world where RanLOS technology continues to redefine automotive connectivity testing. RanLOS aims to keep inspiring engineers and innovators to push boundaries and embrace the possibilities of tomorrow. Madeleine is committed to helping customers excel and making testing easier for companies and engineers. 

Short information about Madeleine:

  • Name: Madeleine Schilliger Kildal
  • Title: System and application engineer, PhD 
  • Years at RanLOS: 6 years

Madeleine Schilliger Kildal, RanLOS

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