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#4 - Executive Talks by RanLOS:

RanLOS featured as the cover feature in the well-reputable Microwave Journal

We’re proud to have taken center stage in the latest issue of Microwave Journal, the foremost magazine in our industry. In this episode, we’ll walk you through some highlights from the cover feature, together with the latest news. 

Here are the key highlights from Episode #4 in Executive Talks: 

  • RanLOS in the spotlight:It’s with pride we announce our cover feature in the Microwave Journal’s September issue. This recognition signifies RanLOS’ commitment to pioneering new innovations within the automotive industry. 
  • Revolutionary testing approach: The Microwave Journal feature delves deep into RanLOS’ unique vehicle testing approach. It emphasizes why our systems enable smarter, easier, and more cost-effective measurements compared to other options in the market.  
  • A global presence: We’ve been actively engaging with distributors and participating in exhibitions across the United States, China, and Japan. Japan, in particular, has shown great interest in our offerings, with local publications like Nikkei and Denpa newspapers taking notice. This global reach in various magazines underscores the appeal and relevance of our solutions. 
  • On-going demonstrations: We’re currently demonstrating the power of our solutions to major car manufacturers around the world. Our proactive approach together with distributors ensures that RanLOS innovations are not just talked about, but also put into use and tried at test facilities and for test engineers in need of new solutions to perform OTA measurements.  

In conclusion, it’s a truly exciting phase of the RanLOS journey right now. The feature in Microwave Journal, coupled with our global outreach and innovative technology, helps us in our aim to change how measuring is done in the automotive industry today. The buzz we’re creating in our focus markets is a testament, and we can’t wait to share more developments. Stay tuned as we continue to reshape the future of vehicle testing! 


Sources and more from Microwave Journal:

  • Frequency Matters, Sept 15: Automotive Issue: Watch this episode here
  • Digital Edition of the September issue with RanLOS as a cover feature. Read here
  • RanLOS article “A Cost-Effective Method to Measure Vehicle Antenna Radiation Patterns and Data Throughput” in Microwave Journal can be found here.


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