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#3 - Executive Talks by RanLOS: Discoveries and Insights

In the ever-evolving world of technology, market reports reveal loads of interesting insights. The third episode of Executive Talks by RanLOS explores some intriguing findings related to connectivity and its pivotal role in the future of automotive and mobility. Let’s get into the exciting possibilities that lies ahead in the field of connected cars and the groundbreaking advancements in autonomous driving.

Modern cars need to handle a vast amount of data
According to Bloomberg, connected vehicles face the important task of handling a vast amount of data. It is estimated that every autonomous car should process as much data per hour as 3,000 iPhones do in a year combined. Meaning that reliable communication systems and antennas in modern vehicles of today is more important than ever. To stay ahead in the game, car manufacturers need to make sure to keep up with these evolving needs.

Optimizing navigation with connected car data
Another important aspect is the seamless integration and download of maps and navigation information. Modern vehicles are seamlessly integrated with cutting-edge map services like Google Maps, continuously collecting important data in the cloud about traffic situations and similar. This valuable data gets analyzed to provide recommendations for the most optimal route, minimize congestion, and even warn about traffic accidents. The efficient functioning of these systems relies on the car’s antennas and communication systems, which can be thoroughly tested and ensured, using smart tools like RanLOS equipment, for example, RanLOS Sub-6 GHz.

Development of autonomous vehicles
The future of automotive and mobility holds thrilling prospects. Drawing insights from a McKinsey & Co report, they anticipate significant developments of autonomous driving in selected cities. Already by 2025, autonomous vehicles on levels 3 and 4 will be present in these cities.

  • Level 3 = Vehicles that are self-driving, but require a human driver for complex situations.
  • Level 4 = Vehicles that are fully self-driving, but limited to specific roads or areas.

In this episode of Executive Talks, we explored the fascinating discoveries from market reports related to the future of automotive. Innovation in the field of connectivity and autonomous driving is rapid, with new features emerging regularly. Each day brings new functionalities and possibilities, promising an exciting era of new and enhanced connected vehicles.


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