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Ready for global expansion? Yes!

“With a pipeline of approximately SEK 70 million involving some of the world’s leading car manufacturers, subcontractors, and test labs, RanLOS is ready for global scaling.”

—  Louice Rosdahl

RanLOS are ready for global expansion

Ready for global expansion

In 2023, RanLOS reached several milestones. One of the most notable achievements was building our pipeline to approximately SEK 70 million with some of the world’s leading car manufacturers, subcontractors, and test labs. Through close collaboration with our resellers, we conducted several successful demonstrations that clearly show the reliability and simplicity of our system. With these demonstrations, we have expanded our pipeline and gained multiple sales opportunities in all our key markets, making us ready for global scaling and expansion. The demonstrations have not only impressed existing and potential customers but also sparked curiosity and interest from potential partners. One result of this is the new partnership with the measuring instrument company Anritsu.

We also sold and delivered our first test system to the European market in 2023. It was a strategically important order that, in addition to the test system, also includes new modules and related products that we are developing together with the customer. These have already significantly increased the order value in other ongoing sales dialogues. The market potential for OTA testing is large and growing steadily. Currently, only a few car manufacturers around the world have invested in their own measuring equipment to measure connectivity. But with increasing demand, this is expected to become standard within a few years. By integrating our system with Anritsu’s instruments for 5G measurements, we have created a cost-effective turnkey solution for all customers and markets, this also has the potential to become a market standard.

Trends and Insights from VECS 2024

During 14-15th of May, we visited VECS (Vehicle Electronics & Connected Services) in Gothenburg. VECS is one of the largest automotive events in Northern Europe with focus on Autonomous, Electrification, Connected Vehicles & Mobility. We met the automotive community, as well as getting insights from RISE, Hampleton, Mercedes-Benz, MOIA, Volvo, etc.

Our conclusion from the event is that the development within the automotive industry is changing fast, and OEMs need to adapt to keep pace with the ongoing development. It includes autonomous driving, connectivity, and connected cars, but also new concepts and behaviors that can shape the future of automotive. Also, to ensure that all modern vehicles are safe on the road, testing is a vital part which is even more important with new technology and connected solutions evolving.

From VECS 2024 (Vehicle Electronics & Connected Services) in Gothenburg

Summary and final thoughts

To conclude, all our developments not only give us credibility and trust in the market but are also a strong foundation for continued growth and success. The rapid changes in the automotive industry will need solutions for reliable and cost-efficient testing – which is exactly what we at RanLOS bring to the market. Solutions that help automakers perform OTA and antenna performance testing in an easier, faster, and smarter way.

Best regards, 

Louice Rosdahl, CEO at RanLOS

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Executive Talks by RanLOS #9 – with Louice Rosdahl

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