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The Importance of Connectivity Testing in 2023

Connectivity is of the highest priority among global car manufacturers, and significant investments are expected to be made in the coming years. Almost 40% of today’s car buyers consider changing car brand to get improved connectivity, according to McKinsey & Company.

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Despite the importance of testing, only a handful of all car manufacturers have invested in their own test systems. Why? It is too expensive, complex and time-consuming with current solutions on the market. As a result, tests are performed late in the product development process which results in less reliability and can lead to component failures. This also leads to longer time-to-market for manufacturers as well as unsatisfied consumers.

This is what we at RanLOS aim to change. With our unique and cost-effective solution, we make measuring easier, faster, and smarter. Our turnkey solution, consisting of hardware and software, can measure data speed and compare antennas, communication systems, modems, and more. It is portable and can fit into smaller testing facilities. The system is not limited to cars; we can test all types of radio waves and see significant opportunities for i.e., 5G base stations as well. The potential in our innovation is very high, and all markets we focus on are growing rapidly.

In a few years, we also see significant opportunities when semi-autonomous vehicles (level 3-4) will be on the roads. McKinsey predicts that these might need to be tested quarterly. Simple and effective testing solutions will be needed, and RanLOS has several patents and expertise to provide the market with solutions both for today and the future to come.

Written by: Louice Rosdahl, CEO at RanLOS

Sources: McKinsey & Company (2021-02) – Unlocking the full life-cycle value from connected-car data
RanLOS Sub-6 test system for automotive OTA testing

RanLOS Sub-6 GHz test system for automotive testing

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We aim to create a better connected society. To do so we need easy-to-use and flexible solutions for testing wireless performance over-the-air (OTA). It includes all relevant standards today and tomorrow; such as 3G, 4G, 5G, and WiFi. Work with us and start measuring easier, faster and smarter.