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Corporate governance

Corporate governance ensures that our company is run in a way that benefits our shareholders. It helps our directors and management make the best decisions for the company and promotes responsible and active ownership.

Board of Directors


Anders Lyrheden
Chairman of the Board since 2021

Born: 1965
Holdings: 100 options, no shares 

Education and Experience:
Bachelor of Economics from the Gothenburg School of Economics.
CFO at Consilium Safety Group AB and former CFO at Smart Eye AB.

Anders has extensive experience from listed companies and global companies with strong growth. Has also previously been CFO for Swegon, Hexpol and Mölnlycke Health Care.

Other current assignments:
CFO för Consilium Safety Group sedan 2022. Ägare av Skutviken Konsult AB (100%).


Cécile Schilliger Kildal
Member of Board since 2021

Born: 1950
Holdings: 9 028 shares, no options

Education and Experience:
Representative for the main owner Kildal Antenn AB. Former board member of Gapwaves AB (2016-2021). Board member of Kildal Antenn AB 2016-2018, followed by the current assignment as Chairman. Board member of Kildal Inventors AB since 2016.

Other current assignments:
Chairman of the Board at Kildal Antenn AB since 2018 and Member of the Board in Kildal Inventors AB since 2016.

Previous assignments in RanLOS:
Member of Board: 2016 – 2019,
Chairman of the Board: 2019-2021


Daniel Åman
Member of Board since 2022

Born: 1972
Holdings: no shares, no options

Education and Experience:
M.Sc. in Technical Physics from Chalmers University of Technology.

Daniel is an experienced salesperson and leader who mainly worked with international OEMs in automotive and telecom. Been CEO at Systemite AB since 2021, before that SVP Automotive Solutions at Smart Eye 2013–2021 and previously Sales Development Director at Ericsson 1999-2013.

Other current assignments: 
CEO at Systemite AB since 2021


Jan Carlsson
Member of Board since 2019

Born: 1972
Holdings: no shares, no options

Education and Experience:
PhD from Chalmers University of Technology and adjunct professor. Over 30 years of research experience within EMC, antennas and OTA, among other things. Former Chairman of the International Steering Committee for EMC Europe and former EMC R&D Manager at RISE (former SP).

Other current assignments:
Board member since 2020 and co-owner. Vice President/Senior Consultant at Provinn since 2016. Adjunct professor at Chalmers University of Technology since 2003. Chairman of Section A – Electromagnetic Measurement Technology, Swedish National Committee for Radio Science (SNRV) and member of Section E (Electromagnetic Environment and Disturbances).


Louice Rosdahl 
CEO since 2021

Born: 1985
Holdings: 600 options, no shares

Education and Experience:
Master’s degree in Technology Management from Lund University. Former Investment Director and responsible for the unlisted Tech portfolio at the investment company JCE 2016-2021. Before that, a strategy consultant at Accenture and a Leadership trainee at Sony Ericsson, Alfa Laval, and AstraZeneca.

Other current assignments:
Member of the Almi Väst Investment Committee since 2020, Member of the Board at Techvestor AB since 2019.


Lena Sjödahl
CFO since 2021

Born: 1965
Holdings: 93 aktier via bolag

Education and Experience:
Economics Degree from Franz Schartau’s Institute of Commerce.

Lena has long experience as a financial consultant, including from a listed environment at Gapwaves 2016-2021. Before that, accounting consultant at Grant Thornton 2010-2011 and at Ernst & Young 2008-2010.

Other current assignments:
Authorized accounting consultant and owner, Leadership Power Accounting since 2011



Visitor address: Vikingsgatan 3,
411 04 Gothenburg

Post adress: Box 11 908,
404 39 Gothenburg

Investor relations

Louice Rosdahl 
Chief Executive Officer



Lena Sjödahl
Chief Financial Officer




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